To creat a skilled and technically qualified workforce who would contribute to the growth and development of the nation.To provide quality training to all possible trainees so as to achieve the national goal of   millions so as to reduce unemployment.

       To facilitate training as per the   Craftsman Training Scheme.   Ensure skill training is made available to maximum youth of the country.
Director General of Employment and Training (DGET) have certain vision and mission while starting the craftsman training scheme all over India.
 To provide training on different  Engineering and Non- Engineering trades
 To impart systematic training to improve the quality and quantity of skilled workers  which makes better results in Industrial production.
The educated unemployed youth should get skilled training that make  them qualified to work in Industries.
 Unemployment problem will considerably be reduced through skilled training.
 As a continuous process, craftsman Training Scheme will provide steady flow of skilled workers for industrial sector.